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The Strategy

DevOps Group is comprised of a highly-skilled team of passionate professionals with strong backgrounds in infrastructure, software, and workflows who are experts in software delivery and technical infrastructure. Our vision is to inspire confidence, achieve consistency, and reduce risk. Our mission is to advance the discipline of DevOps, empowering software development teams to deliver with simple and tactical solutions.





Our products address technical and organizational challenges of automation.


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💥 Catapult is a DevOps website and workflow management platform for development and business teams.

catapult pro

  • Self-managed Catapult
    • Self-paid services*
  • Unlimited websites
  • Catapult Dashboard
  • DevOps Support
    • Red Hat stack only
    • 24-hour support response
    • 4-hour emergency response
    • 2 support credits / month

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$99 / Month

* Starting at $40 / month

catapult pro+

  • Self-managed Catapult
    • Self-paid services*
  • Unlimited websites
  • Catapult Dashboard
  • DevOps Support
    • Red Hat and Windows stack
    • 24-hour support response
    • 4-hour emergency response
    • 3 support credits / month

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$189 / Month

* Starting at $40 / month

catapult business

  • Managed Catapult
    • All setup and services included
  • 3 websites included*
    • 100k pageviews / month
  • Catapult Dashboard
  • DevOps Support
    • Red Hat and Windows stack
    • 12-hour support response
    • 2-hour emergency response
    • 6 support credits / month
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$499 / Month

* $79 per additional website
$49 per additional 100k pageviews
$79 per additional support credit


💧 A Vagrant provider plugin that manages DigitalOcean droplets.


🌐 A structure for maintaining common Vagrant boxes in the HashiCorp Atlas.


📝 A Vagrant plugin that manages hosts files within a multi-machine environment.


📷 Automate full website screenshots and PDF generation with multiple viewport support.


🔧 Veeva CLM Generator & Workflow for building iRep Presentations.


🗿 Pharma and healthcare competitive intelligence through product website FDA OPDP update frequency.

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$7,490 / Month

DevOps Solutions, Implementations,
& Training

Cloud Automation
Software Development Workflows
Infrastructure and Operations
Security and Compliance
Monitoring and Analytics
Continuous Integration
Disaster Recovery


New Relic

Full-stack Monitoring
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Centralized Dashboard
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DevOps Benefits

Automating technology and workflow is a collaborative effort


DevOps (a clipped compound of development and operations) is a culture, movement or practice that emphasizes the collaboration and communication of both software developers and other information-technology (IT) professionals while automating the process of software delivery and infrastructure changes. It aims at establishing a culture and environment where building, testing, and releasing software can happen rapidly, frequently, and more reliably.[reference]

Your Yearly Website Management Costs:

Check off the DevOps disciplines to see how much Catapult will save you

Security Management

Are your secrets for all of your digital assets encrypted and shareable? Are your websites protected from spammers, SQL injection, and DDOS? Did you know you have to notify your customers of a security breach?

Formula: (2,080hr/yr x 30% time spent dealing with security issues) = 624hr x $100hrly rate = $62,400 x 30% wasted time = $18,720

Source Code Management

Not having your website(s) under source control such as Git, Mercurial, or SVN is a bad idea, no changes are being tracked and you're manually copying files everywhere? Recipe for disaster.

Formula: (2,080hr/yr x 10% time spent interacting with files) = 208hr x $100hrly rate = $20,800 x 30% wasted time = $6,240

Infrastructure Management

Do you have scalable, backed-up, and quickly rebuildable web and database servers that are also aligned for Agile Scrum workflows (Jira, Basecamp)?

Formula: (2,080hr/yr x 20% time spent configuring servers) = 416hr x $100hrly rate = $41,600 x 30% wasted time = $12,480

Configuration Management

Is your team just clicking around in GoDaddy and playing the trial and error game?

Formula: (2,080hr/yr x 5% time spent fumbling over configuration) = 104hr x $100hrly rate = $10,400 x 30% wasted time = $3,120

Automated Deployments

Are you paying someone to manually promote changes to your website from a test to a production environment without even testing the deployment first because it's too difficult, costly, or time consuming?

Formula: (2,080hr/yr x 10% time spent deploying updates) = 208hr x $100hrly rate = $20,800 x 30% wasted time = $6,240

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