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Manage Your Website Infrastructure.

Catapult does one thing and one thing great - it manages your website's infrastructure. We've taken the modern tools of website infrastructure and integrated them together to make a complete suite for your website's life-cycle.

Catapult aligns with using the best workflows and methodologies for delivering the product to the client. Integrating seamlessly with Jira.

Product Owner
Scrum Master
Scrum Team
Product Backlog
Sprint Backlog
2-4 Weeks

Catapult manages your entire infrastructure, right down to the servers. Catapult is highly optimized and can manage traffic spikes with ease.

  • Local Development
  • Hosted Test
  • Hosted Quality Control
  • Hosted Production


All of the Right Tools Working Together in Harmony.


Catapult is an open-sourced website infrastructure management tool and is completely free to use.

  • Ask a question on StackOverflow
  • Open issues on GitHub
  • 100% control over your instance



Catapult Pro

DevOps experts at your disposal to assist you with implementing Catapult.

  • You sign-up and pay for services
  • 24 hour support response SLA
  • 4 hour emergency response SLA
  • 100% control over your instance

$50 / month


Catapult Business

Our industry experts will implement and monitor your Catapult instance.

  • We cover all services costs
  • 12 hour support response SLA
  • 2 hour emergency response SLA
  • 100% control over your instance

$150 / month

+ $30 minimum / month per website

Catapult Enterprise

Our industry experts will partner with your development team and implement Catapult.

  • Dedicated on-site or remote Catapult sprint team
  • 100% control over your instance

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Convince Your Company

Convincing your company to change any process is an uphill battle, we know. Take the Catapult Quiz.

Yearly Website Management Costs -

Check off what your company has implemented. Catapult implements all of these best practices for you.

Security Management

Are your secrets for all of your digital assets encrypted and shareable? Are your websites protected from spammers, SQL injection, and DDOS? Did you know you have to notify your customers of a security breach?

Formula: (2,080hr/yr x 30% time spent dealing with security issues) = 624hr x $100hrly rate = $62,400 x 30% wasted time = $18,720

Source Code Management

Not having your website(s) under source control such as Git, Mercurial, or SVN is a bad idea, no changes are being tracked and you're manually copying files everywhere? Recipe for disaster.

Formula: (2,080hr/yr x 10% time spent interacting with files) = 208hr x $100hrly rate = $20,800 x 30% wasted time = $6,240

Infrastructure Management

Do you have scalable, backed-up, and quickly rebuildable web and database servers that are also aligned for Agile SCRUM workflows (Jira, Basecamp)?

Formula: (2,080hr/yr x 20% time spent configuring servers) = 416hr x $100hrly rate = $41,600 x 30% wasted time = $12,480

Configuration Management

Is your team just clicking around in GoDaddy and playing the trial and error game?

Formula: (2,080hr/yr x 5% time spent fumbling over configuration) = 104hr x $100hrly rate = $10,400 x 30% wasted time = $3,120

Automated Deployments

Are you paying someone to manually promote changes to your website from a test to a production environment without even testing the deployment first because it's too difficult, costly, or time consuming?

Formula: (2,080hr/yr x 10% time spent deploying updates) = 208hr x $100hrly rate = $20,800 x 30% wasted time = $6,240

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